A Lifetime of Photography

Photography is an art that reveals the beauty and captivating mystery of life from angles and perspectives that are often overlooked. I have been fascinated by this art since I was thirteen years old and by a quirk of fate took a photography class in school.  From the very first time I stood in awe over the trays of chemicals watching an image I created with light appear on a blank piece of photographic paper, I realized this was an artistic form of magic I had to master.  Over the past 40 years, the technical craft of photography has changed dramatically, and with it my passion for capturing meaningful images has continued to mature and grow.



Photography does more than record the events in the life of that person, it records emotions and nuances that compel and touch our humanity. I was fortunate to have studied portraiture under several Master photographers. I subsequently established my own photography business in Michigan, which included many services and styles from studio portraits, to location events including weddings and other occasions, to journalistic photography. I had the opportunity to embark on assignments photographing indigenous people in the Amazon jungle of Peru, remote islands of the Philippines, the inner city of Calcutta India and Thailand. All of these photographic opportunities, whether they portray momentous occasions to reflective moments, enabled me to record evocative images of interesting locations, people and their life experiences.