Artist Statement

My photography is a pathway of escape from the drab, sometimes hectic and harsh realities of a busy world.  I enjoy using the most current digital camera technology and computer software because it provides me limitless potential for personal expression.  I specialize in capturing images reflecting landscape and nature, but I also photograph the unique character and qualities of people.

My work is intended to provide escape not only for me but for my viewers as well.  By using lines, framing with natural features and selective focus I seek to draw the viewer out of their world and into the image.  I try and establish a connection between the subject and the viewer’s emotional memories or imaginings using subtle effects such as distorted perspective, fog, shadow or reduction of color.  I have success when my work causes a person to slow down and take a moment to think or feel.

To complete the viewer experience, my finished work is produced on various surfaces from traditional prints and canvas to more contemporary processes such as wood and aluminum.  The quality of my finished work is extremely important to me so I utilize the finest materials and print labs available.  It is my sincere desire that my work remains valuable for generations to come.